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The guiding mission of the North Carolina State Board of Education is that every public school student will graduate from high school, globally competitive for work and post secondary education and prepared for life in the 21st Century.

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Engaging eLearning courses for North Carolina K–12 educators

Intel ®Teach and Thinkfinity courses help K–12 teachers of all curricular areas learn to engage students with digital learning, including digital content, Web 2.0, social networking, and online tools and resources. These professional development courses empower teachers to integrate technology effectively into their existing curriculum, focusing on their students’ problem solving, critical thinking, and collaboration, which are skills required to succeed in college, career and life.

The following courses are free, just-in-time professional development courses. They provide a deeper exploration of 21st century learning concepts. 

  • Intel ®Teach Elements: Project-Based Approaches
  • Intel ®Teach Elements: Educational Leadership in the 21st Century
  • Intel ®Teach Elements: Inquiry in the Science Classroom
  • Intel ®Teach Elements: Thinking Critically with Data
  • Intel ®Teach Elements: Collaboration in the Digital Classroom
  • Intel ®Teach Elements: Assessment in 21st Century Classrooms
  • Intel ®Teach Elements: Designing Blended Learning
  • Thinkfinity Online for North Carolina Teachers

For questions or information on any of these courses, please contact Deborah Goodman at deborah.goodman@dpi.nc.gov or Ouida Myers at ouida.myers@dpi.nc.gov.  Contact us about providing an online course to your organization and we can tailor it to meet your needs. 

Below you will find a downloadable PDF file with course titles and descriptions.  

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Available courses

Collaboration in the Digital Classroom is an interactive e-learning experience that offers an in-depth look at collaboration with a focus on online collaborative tools. In this course, teachers see how collaboration helps students develop 21st century thinking skills, deepen content understanding, and prepare them for the global world. Teachers learn how to plan and manage collaboration activities that integrate online collaborative tools increasingly part of our globally connected workplaces. They follow two teachers as they implement collaborative experiences in their classrooms. The course offers opportunities to apply the collaboration concepts with action planning exercises.
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Thinkfinity Online for North Carolina Teachers is an overview of Verizon's website, Thinkfinity.org.  It provides instruction on locating Verizon Thinkfinity’s online educational resources and integrating them effectively into instructional activities to support student learning. Educators will create an Integration Plan and develop strategies for using technology in their own instructional settings.

After completion of this online course, educators will have developed their own original Integration Plan and be empowered to use Verizon Thinkfinity resources in their classroom to enhance student learning.